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About WeShare 20/20

WeShare 20/20 is an online community built around shared values of inclusiveness, understanding, and empathy. It was designed to be a safe space to express oneself without comments or judgement. Individuals find their voice by journaling in any form they see fit - video, written, art, music, or dance.

Each contributor has a different reason to tell their story. Some may feel that their day to day struggles seem insignificant and they suddenly find themself without a voice, without a place to share their feelings and experiences. Some may have a message that they want to reach across the country, beyond just their “friend group.”

We started by bringing young people grappling with 2020 issues together on a positive site- free of likes and comments. We saw the way this approach benefited both contributors and viewers alike in feeling understood, connected, and less alone.

We later opened the site to all age groups to post on the WeShare website. Schools and other institutions were provided the opportunity to build their own WeShare portal for their community to find their voices and come together. The WeShare team provided an editorial team and educator's guide to support these burgeoning communities.


We seek partnerships to expand this concept further. Please contact us for more information.

Enjoying Daily Life

TYPE: Video STORIES: Coping

Times are difficult, but we need to find new ways to fight for our dreams

Tardy Justice

TYPE: Video STORIES: Black Lives Matter

As I’ve noticed in just 15 years of life, justice is always tardy

Life is Like a Song

TYPE: Dance STORIES: Coping, Resilience

Life is like a song. You can’t fast forward. You have to let the track play

Support Through Disruption

TYPE: Original Writing STORIES: Coping, COVID-19, Support

School changed abruptly during spring break. There was so much confusion and disruption. One professor in particular was very kind through the process. She was available to talk, not just about class, but about our feelings too. This type of support is what moved me during the pandemic.

I Didn’t Want it to be Real

TYPE: Music STORIES: Coping

This is a song that we wrote about some of our experiences during Covid.

Artwork by Ally

TYPE: Artwork STORIES: Independence, Strength

In perspective, some of the things that I miss may seem so minute, but it still sucks. I never realized how important a productive mindset is. Being in quarantine inspired to me to be better.

About the Founders

Michael and Caroline come together to help provide a forum for students to express themselves during these trying times, without fear of judgement. As a trained psychological counselor, educator, and parent, Caroline has seen the value of using one’s voice to process life-altering changes when they occur. Michael joined this project after having experienced his own traumas from both the Covid-19 pandemic and aftermath of the George Floyd killing. His husband, an educator, shared his students’ stories which deeply moved Michael, and he too felt compelled to give students a platform to be heard.

Their passion has served as a catalyst to support a community during a time when students have been isolated from each other not only physically but by variety of experiences with the pandemic and responses to the today’s current climate. During a time when many people are at a loss for words, most are afraid to say the “wrong” thing, some are still figuring out what they are feeling, and all are feeling very much alone, it is essential for young people to have a safe space to express themselves.